Register Your Child For Orthodontic Treatment

School Teeth is an innovative orthodontic service which will provide comprehensive orthodontic treatments for school pupils conveniently on school premises. At least 40-50% of children will undergo orthodontic treatment, with recent trends showing this number to be rising.

If you or your child have been through a course of orthodontic treatment, you will know the prolonged nature of most treatments (an average of 15 appointments over 18 months). This means the average pupil can miss approximately 90 hours of school time through frequent visits to a town-centre orthodontist. But the actual treatment time spent in the clinic is only often 5-6 hours. The majority of pupils’ missed school time is wasted travelling. Meanwhile, parents also face disrupted days, inconvenient travel arrangements and countless missed hours from work. School Teeth saves childrens’ learning time and parents’ work time by bringing orthodontic treatment direct to schools.

After seeing parents become increasingly frustrated at rushing around for their children’s orthodontic appointments, our founders (an orthodontist and a dentist) applied developments in technology to orthodontics and created the School Teeth service to deliver direct treatment access at schools.

School Teeth services are carried out by highly-qualified dental professionals, certified with the same level of qualifications as high street practitioners. All staff are certified in child safeguarding and have completed rigorous background checks.

The School Teeth service will be available to your children on a specified day of the week. All appointments will be booked through the School Teeth scheduling team and the school office will be made aware of your child’s appointment time. We welcome you to join your child at their appointments, however we can also connect via video-conferencing software for parents unable to leave work.

Our mobile clinic is equipped to deliver the entire course of your child’s orthodontic treatment. We will offer a complimentary initial consultation for the first fifty school pupils we register within each school we visit. Treatment fees will be competitive with town-centre orthodontic practices, while removing the time, cost and inconvenience associated with these appointments. Many health insurance policies will cover the costs of orthodontic treatment. Flexible finance options will also be available to parents. There is no waiting list, so your child’s treatment can be carried out at the optimal time.

The first step in starting this journey, is either to self-refer your child to our service, or to be referred by your family dentist. Please note that our School Teeth orthodontic service is independent of the NHS.

Please use the following registration form to express your interest. Your child will be offered an appointment nearer to our service commencement date, which we would recommend parent(s)/guardian(s) to also attend.


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