What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment involves correcting teeth that are badly positioned, crooked or overcrowded, as well as closing gaps between teeth and correcting the way teeth bite together. Having overcrowded or crooked teeth is not just a cosmetic concern, it can be a dental health concern too, as people with crooked and crowded teeth can be at a higher risk of developing dental infections and decay.

Typical Orthodontic Problems

Today there are many different types of braces;

Each type of brace has advantages and disadvantages to consider. The best treatment for you depends on your desired outcome and the current positioning and relationship of your teeth and jaws. Your consultation appointment will discuss the best options suited for you.

Digital Dentistry

NHS treatment waiting lists vary nationally with some as long as 2-3 years

Recent tech developments in dentistry means much of the treatment process can be carried out digitally




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Comprehensive orthodontic treatment for your child


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All compliant via GDC, CQC, enhanced DBS, safeguarding level 3 standards

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